Software Defined Infrastructure – Are you ready for this IT expedition?

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One Small Step for IT…

Where are you on your journey? Are you still stuck with the legacy model – and tied to a physically defined infrastructure like so many companies?

It may help if I back up half a decade, and explain where AAG Systems was on its journey when I joined the firm five and half years ago. I started as an IT engineer, and at that time AAG and all its clients were working on the legacy model. What impact did this have? I witnessed disaster recovery scenarios with multiple technologies running multiple environments. Our IT delivery was almost exclusively reactive and our IT landscape was at best one large point of failure with zero redundancy. About 3 years ago I became the engineering manager, and with that I dramatically changed the IT Strategy.

One Giant Leap for the System Administrator…Software Defined Infrastructure

There were three main components to this shift in strategy that took us away from the legacy model and into this brave new universe of integrated systems.


Firstly we consolidated our technological foundations, streamlining our solution offerings by only offering best of breed technologies, and plugging them into a continuously evolving test and development process for new technologies coming on stream.


Secondly we standardised our client infrastructures through a careful process of virtualising all their server resources, giving us much greater control through improved tools for server management, backup and disaster recovery.


Thirdly, we automated both our own and our clients’ systems through a combination of smart triggers and system management tools working together to resolve issues before they become problems. This ‘self servicing’ model means our systems can achieve true proactivity and efficiency by scaling resources to match demand and automatically rerouting and reconfiguring the architecture to keep it at peak performance by removing potentially critical issues before they occur.

The Software Defined Infrastructure Universe…

This strategic shift in thinking has propelled me further than ever on the journey towards a software defined infrastructure, one where we are freed from the constraints of physical hardware and its lack of availability and reliability. One where I am close to achieving a perfectly harmonious IT ecosystem.

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