ETERNUS AF250 Fast AF storage

Good, Fast, or within Budget? Pick three

My brief: “We need you to write a blog post. It needs to be good. We need it fast. And don’t write any more than 400 words.”

My response (in my head): I can definitely write a blog post. I can even write a good 400-word one. Or a fast good one. Or a 400-word fast one. But good, fast, and within a word count? Is it ever possible to do all three?

This is called a trilemma. Three options – but you can only pick two. You’ll find some of the most famous examples in topics like economics and politics. But really, trilemmas are everywhere. And (apart from this blog post), the one I think is most interesting is how our customers buy storage.

All-flash storage is really taking off. It’s becoming well-known that it can improve server performance by storing and retrieving data faster. But beyond that, the type of all-flash storage and where you get it from can leave everything else up for grabs. Not ours.

With our ETERNUS price-match promise, you can get good all-flash storage fast, and within budget.

Other vendors might tell you their all-flash storage is the best because it does one or two things really well. Like high reliability. Or low latency. Or a good price. But as you shop around, you’ll probably find yourself in a trilemma of your own. Good, fast, or within budget. You can’t have them all. Pick two.

The thing is, this doesn’t seem like a good way to design technology. And just because our competitors seem to be ruled by the trilemma, doesn’t mean we have to be, too. We wanted to see if our all-flash storage could be good, fast, and within your budget – all at once.

We started by making ETERNUS, our all-flash storage solution, good. It’s powered by Intel® Xeon® processors. So it wasn’t long before it impressed some very important people in the storage world, and hit the top of the SPC-1 rankings for price-performance. Also the register had some pretty interesting analytics here.

Next, we made it fast. You might have read exactly how fast in this blog post I wrote last year. ETERNUS is so quick to get the information you request from your server, it’s got the fastest response time of any array in the top 10 of the SPC-1 benchmark. It’s also quick and easy to set up – without any complicated tuning.

All that was left was to make sure you could get it within budget. So we made it easy to see how much you’re getting for your money – 1TB for only £1k . And if you find a competitive all-flash quote that’s cheaper, we’ll match it.

We won’t be beaten – not by our competition, and certainly not by the trilemma. Good. Fast. Within budget. ETERNUS gives you all three.

I wish I could say the same about this blog post, though. Good, yes. Fast, yes. But 82 words over the limit.

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